Lohner Farben Lacke color table with respective models

Lohner color table with models for orientation for your vintage moped.

You can use the table to find out the color you need.

We Rocketcolors.de offer you many different paints for the restoration of your two-wheelers.

Here you will find our Lohner colors range

Sissy 1 (57) ----- Blue, Red, Black, Beige
Sissy II (60/61) ----- Light blue, light green, light red each with light gray
Sissy III (62-66) ----- Black, red, green, light blue each with light gray
Sissy S (63-66) ----- Blue, green, black each with light gray
L 98/LK98S (50/51) ----- Beige (S), pastel green, green turquoise metal (S), gray, burgundy red metal (S)
L 98T (50/51) ----- Pastel green, green turquoise metal (S), olive green metal (S), burgundy red metal (S), light gray, -----steel gray metal (S), beige, moss green
L 125 (54/57) ----- Wine red (57), green, sand grey, grey, ivory (S), red metal (S), blue metal (S), gold (S).
L 150 (58-66) ----- Red, black, blue each with light gray
L 200 Rapid (56-58) ----- Red, black, green, blue each with gray
L 200 Super (crocodile) (53-55) ----- Grey, green, sand yellow, turquoise light, red metal, blue metal.