Miele vintage car moped colors varnish color table with models

Miele color table with models for orientation for your vintage motorcycle

You can use the table to find out the color you need.

We Rocketcolors.de offer you many different paints for the restoration of your vehicles.

Here you will find our Miele paint range

H2 ----- Black
H3 ----- Black, Green, Red Brown
H4 ----- Black, Green, Red Brown
H6 ----- Black, Green, Red Brown
H7 ----- Black
HT8 ----- Black
Motorbike ----- Black, Green, Red Brown
Motorcycle (31) ----- Black
K50 (54-55) ----- Effect medium blue metal, black, reddish brown
K50S (56-58) ----- Medium effect blue (57), light red brown, brown red, black
K51 (57-58) ----- Poplar gray/lighter green
K52 (58-61) ----- Poplar gray/green, medium effect blue, reddish brown, black
K52 Sport (58-61) ----- Convertible gray/dolphin blue, sand dune beige/coral red
K52/2G (58-61) ----- Convertible gray/dolphin blue, sand dune beige/coral red, fire red/black K52/2G Sport (58-61) ----- Fire red/black
K53 (60-61) ----- Convertible gray/dolphin blue, fire red/black
K61 -----
K21 (50) ----- Black, reddish brown (export)
K30 (50) ----- Black, effect blue and red brown (both export)
K31 ----- Black(52)
K100 (53-55) ----- Black, effect blue (53) and red brown (both export)
K150 (53-55) ----- Black, effect blue and red brown (both export)
Saxonette ----- Black, Dark Green, Red Brown (S)
At least the K51 was painted over with yellowish clear varnish, which changed the original tone significantly!!!
In some cases the colors were painted very poorly, so that on some surfaces the background shimmers through (is darker) and towards the beads and edges the color covers more (is lighter).
Black = decorative lines beige or white
Light reddish brown = decorative lines light red/beige
Red-brown = decorative lines gold/white
Reddish brown dark = decorative lines light red/beige
Green = decorative lines black/grey-green, yellow
Effect blue met. = Decorative lines gold/white
Coral/sand = decorative lines red/white
Poplar gray = decorative lines green/beige
in brackets: year of manufacture (S) special paint
Bicycle ----- Melior red
Bicycle tours ----- red brown (2), green (3), dark blue (4), effect blue (4a) *****
----- Gold lining with white flamed middle line
Bicycle Sport ----- red-brown (2), green (3), effect medium blue (6a)