NSU Quickly Moped Colors Paint color table with models

NSU Quickly color table with models for orientation for your vintage moped

You can use the table to find out the color you need.

We Rocketcolors.de offer you many different paints for the restoration of your vehicles.

N ------ jade green/pale green, light gray/dove gray
S ----- jade green/pale green, lido blue/pearl gray,
S2 ----- lido blue/pearl gray
L ----- whale gray/coral red, lido blue/pearl gray, virginia brown/isarsand, police green
T ----- royal blue/rhodes blue, lime green/moss green
N23 ----- dove gray/arcona sand
S23 ----- aviator blue/arcona sand
S23/2 ----- aviator blue/arcona sand
F23 ----- aviator blue/arcona sand
TT ----- alfa red/cream white
TTK ----- alfa red/cream white
Cavallino ----- cavallino red/white
Quick 50 ----- sogno gray/arcona sand