Trabant vintage car colors varnishes color table with models

Trabant color table with models for orientation for your vintage vehicle

You can use the table to find out the color you need.

We offer you many different paints for the restoration of your vehicles.

Here you will find our Trabant color range

Types/models and the respective colors:


Aero Blue(58),Banana Yellow(58)

Blue gray (58/59), light red (58/59)

Azure blue, silver gray, lime green, sea green, cream, Venice red, lido blue (all 59/60)

Azure green(59)


Pastel gray/tundra beige, pastel gray/pastel blue, pastel gray/madder red, light ivory/Nile green,

Light ivory/brilliant orange, light blue, lime green, alabaster white, cream, sunny beige,

Alabaster white/brilliant coral, alabaster white/light blue, alabaster white/lime green,

Alabaster white/sun beige, light silver gray (all 60/61)


Marble white, silver gray, damask green, heliotrope, rose beige, pipe yellow,

Marble white/silver gray, marble white/rose beige, marble white/pipe yellow,

Marble white/damask green, pastel gray/silver gray, pastel gray/pipe yellow,

Pastel gray/rose beige, pastel gray/damask green (all 62)


Marble white/red (63/64), pastel gray/firn blue light, pastel gray/pipe yellow, pastel gray/red,

Pastel gray/turquoise, pastel gray/silver gray (all 63-65)


Marble white (64-69), silver gray (64-69), pastel blue (64-77), pastel green (64-76),

Pastel brown (64-69), pipe yellow (64-69), pastel white (64), pastel white new (69-80),

Alaska gray (69-76), polar white (69-76), taiga green (69-76), Granada red roof (69-76),

Dolphin gray (76-81), Neptune blue (76/77), Persian orange (76/77), Cliff green (77-79),

Beaver brown (77/78), cliff green/dolphin grey, cliff green/pastel white, dolphin grey/cliff green,

Pastel white/cliff green (all 77-79), crystal blue, dolphin grey/crystal blue, crystal blue/dolphin grey,

Crystal blue/pastel white, pastel white/crystal blue (all 78-81), papyrus white (79-90),

Papyrus white/crystal blue (79-81), Bali yellow (80-82), champagne beige (80-88), reed green (81/82),

Aquarium blue (82/83), pearl white (82-90), monsoon yellow (83), capri green (83-88),

Glacier Blue(84-90),Dolphin Gray(86-90),Panama Green(88-90),Dolphin Gray/Panama Green(88-90),

Nile brown, toga white, maple yellow (all 90),

P 601L Export NL

Pastel blue


Champagne beige, glacier blue,

P 601S deluxe

Glacier blue/papyrus white, champagne beige/papyrus white, dolphin gray/champagne beige,


Maple yellow (88-91), toga white (89-91), papyrus white, glacier blue, dolphin gray (all 90/91),

EXPORT: Chrome yellow, Indian red, pink, black, Olympic blue (all 90/91)