Color sample Goggomobil replacement colors

For a better overview, we provide you with a Goggomobil color sample table of shades and varnishes:

These are available as a spray can, touch-up pen or spray paint for a spray gun

Here you will find our range of colors

Rocketcolors_Goggomobil_Colour Patterns_Colours_Lackes

Colors from left to right:

Silver metallic, astral white, sea green, Baska blue, Naples yellow, terracotta red, maize yellow, Canari yellow, Chamonix white, light cherry red, Paloma gray, terracotta new, Sahara beige, Monroe beige, Como blue, Gordon blue


Roller: beige metallic, green metallic. (2 layers), green metallic, blue gray metallic, blue metallic gray metallic