Color sample Hercules replacement colors

For a better overview, we provide you with a Hercules compatible color sample table of shades and varnishes:

These are available as a spray can. Touch-up pen or spray paint for paint gun

Here you will find our range of colors

Hercules moped color sample

1st row

Rim white(KX5), Brilliant white191, Firn gray(216), Firn gray(220), White(R50), Marzochhi damper, Alpine white177, Rim gray(Prima5), Gray(213/214), Pastel blue, Adria blue/Titanium blue203, Adria blue203(MF3), Pearl white532(222), Acerbis blue, Ivory(K50), Ivory(MK50), Anthracite green(220)

2nd row

Bahama yellow433, broom yellow833. Rim yellow KX5, Enduro red318, Securarot328, Boondocker orange, Natooliv sdm063, Honey yellow705, Red294(MK50/Supra4 1968), Nile green410, Jaffaorange327, Carmine red320(GT), Carmine red320(M4), Carmine red320(5S), Reseda gray, Glacier green, Racing yellow442, Gold orange618, Orange(PrimaS),

3rd row

Black matt098, Black satin matt658, Black088, Monaco blue(216), Monaco blue(220), Monaco blue light(220), Monaco blue(215)

4th row

Mother-of-pearl white 081, polar silver met.615, jet silver met.095, silver (C3), silver met.623 (Sachs),

Graphitemet.(222), Antrazitmet.578, Graphite(MK50), Antrazitmet.578dark(Prima5), Antrazitmet.579, Platingraumet.568, Schwarzmet.690 old+new, 690(2003)

5th row

Bermuda Beige Met.435, Metal Beige Met.639, Cedar Green Met.405, Brown Met.058, Orient Red Met.305, Cardinal Red Met.356, Bordeaux Red Met.339, Wine Red Met.344, Tonto Red Met.326, Fire Red Met.309, Magenta Met.348/H, Magenta Met.348/ D, lilac met.385, Nile green met.410/413, Irish green met.413/yellow, Irish green met.413(Optima), dark green met.412, jade green met.431, dark green met.412(Prima4), fir green met.392, tropical green met.460, tourmaline green met.425,

6th row

Pretrolmet.223(Prima4), Petrolmet.223, Bluemet.(R50), Midnightbluemet.(00), Bahamabluemet.220, Polarbluemet.240, Arcticbluemet.222, Icebluemet.210, Sapphirebluemet.018, Sapphirebluemet.018 Bicycle, Brilliantblue233, Azzurroblau/D206, Azzurroblaumet/Azurblau206., Azzurroblaumet. optima206, petrol blue met.226(K50), petrol blue met.226(KX5), strato blue met.(C3)226, cobalt blue met.235, possibly dark blue met.252,

7th row

royal blue met.224, indigo blue met.242, indigo blue met.(Chopper)242, prism blue met.213(Prima5 1991), prism blue met.213(1994), prism blue met.213(KX5), saturn blue met.333,

Lining: White