Goggomobil car vintage car colors varnish color table with models

Goggomobil color table with models for orientation for your vintage vehicle

You can use the table to find out your shade.

We Rocketcolors.de offer you many different paints for the restoration of your two-wheelers.

Here you will find our Googomobil color range


125/150 T55 sidecar -----
125/150 T55 -----
200 TA54 -----
200 TA55 Luxury -----

Colors: 1953:
light beige, light gray, gray blue, wine red, medium blue, black

neutral gray, light blue, blue-green metallic, beige (ab54), green metal (ab2/54)

Colors 1955:
gray metallic, blue metallic, green metallic, beige metallic, white, beige, black, strawberry red.

Wine red/maroon light

Lining: Silver (Grey Metal), Gold (Blue Metal), Brown (Beige Metal)

CARGO ROLLER ----- Beige, light blue

T250 -----
T300 -----
T400 -----

Colors: horizon blue, reed green, light cherry red, feather gray 64, terracotta, Naples yellow, azure blue, sea green, astral white, melange


TS250 -----
TS300 -----
TS400 -----

Colors: light cherry red, feather gray 64, melange, astral white, sea green, azure blue, Indian white, reed green, horizon blue, Naples yellow


TL250 -----
TL300 -----
TL400 -----
TP250 -----
TP300 -----
TP400 -----


T600 ----- Sea green, paloma gray, lotus green, turquoise-Monroe beige-cherry red/each with astral white
T700 ----- Sea green, paloma gray, lotus green, turquoise-Monroe beige-cherry red/each with astral white
K600 -----
K700 -----
C600 -----
C700 -----

S1004 Coupe ----- Turquoise, Astral White, Cherry Red, Feather Gray, Sahara Beige, Monroe Beige

Combi/Camping ----- Turquoise, Paloma Grey, Astral White, Monroe Cherry Sea Green/ each with Astral White

Colors: light cherry red, mouse gray, Naples yellow, feather gray, turquoise, Indian white, reed green, samba red, Gordon blue

1300 GT ----- Canari yellow, fir green, night blue, light orange, azure blue, light cherry red, astral white, ruby ​​red, silver metal, blue metal.


1004/1304 ----- Metallic Blue604,AquamarineE585,ChamonixE580

1004CL/1304CL ----- Tanngrün512,Metallicsilver805,Pearl grayE590,Cherry red408

1700 ----- ruby427, graphite gray638, fraiseM400, maquillageM420

2600 V8 ----- fraiseM400, metallic silver 805, metallic blue 604, maquillage M420

1300/1700GT ----- Aquamarine E585, Chamonix E580, graphite gray 638, pearl gray E590, cherry red 408,

ruby427, tanngrün512