Isetta color table with respective models

BMW Isetta color table with models for orientation for your vintage vehicle

You can use the table to find out the color you need.

We offer you many different paints for the restoration of your vehicles.

Types/Models ----- Color names
Azure blue (EX1F,EX2F,1F600,2F600)
Arabian gold (2F)
Bavarian blue (2F)
Beige (1F)
Birch green (EX1F,EX2F)
Indicator ivory (base of indicator and high beam switch)
Cockpit beige gray (from 59 Cockpit * , door spring sleeve * , window slider, window heating nozzle)
Cortina gray (1F,2F,EX1F,1F600,2F600)
Cream (EX1F)
Ivory greenish (EX1F)
Ivory (1F,EX1F)
Feather white (EX1F,1F600)
Ivory rims
Aviator blue (1F)
Light beige (EX1F,EX2F,2F600)
Light blue (1F,2F,EX1F,EX2F)
Light gray (EX1F)
Interior aluminum silver (door lock, interior handle, shift rod, wiper motor, handbrake -59)
Interior light gray (from 59 handbrake, steering column, roof mirror, window slider)
Japanese red (EX1F,2F600)
Ceramic blue (EX1F,EX2F))
Coral red (EX1F,EX2F,1F600,2F600)
Cornflower blue (1F,2F)
Steering wheel pale brown
Light gray (EX2F,2F600)
Pastel blue (2F,EX1F,EX2F)
Police green (EX1F)
Frame chassis gray
Reseda green (1F)
Sand Dune Beige (EX2F,2F600)
Signal red (1F,EX1F)
Spanish red (EX1F,EX2F)
Dark turquoise (2F)
Turquoise light 1961 (EX1F,1F600,2F600)
Light turquoise (2F,EX1F)
Turquoise-white (2F600)
Wine red (2F,EX2F)
White blue (EX2F)
White gold (2F,EX1F,EX2F,1F600,2F600)
**** before 1959 in body color
Two-tone paintwork ISETTA : 1st tone above, 2nd. Sound below
Cortina grey/Japan red, Cortina grey/azure blue, feather white/white gold, light beige/Japan red,
Feather white/light beige all from 59;
Cortina grey/wine red, white gold/Arabian gold, light blue/cornflower blue, pastel blue/Bavarian blue,
Light turquoise/dark turquoise, stone gray/cardinal red all 1956
Two-tone paintwork ISETTA Export :1. Tone above, 2nd tone below
Sand dune beige/wine red(57-62), white blue/ceramic blue(58-), light gray/azure blue(57-62), silk green/Spanish red(58-), beige green/birch green(57-62), light blue/????( 57-62),
Pastel blue/???(57-62), sand dune beige/coral red(57-62), light beige/white gold(57-62)
Two-tone paintwork BMW 600 : 1st tone above, 2nd tone below
Light grey/azure blue, cortina grey/Japan red, light beige/white gold, turquoise white/turquoise,
Sand dune beige/coral red, cortina grey/azure blue
The following colors are missing due to a lack of template: Cockpit beige gray, beige green, silk green
In brackets: 1F/2F one-color/two-color, EX1F/EX2F export one-color/two-color, 1F/2F600 one-color/two-color BMW600