Product information sheet vintage mopeds colors spray can 1K

Car spray 1K solvent-based, These sprays are only partially petrol-resistant!! This spray can can be dissolved with nitro, acetone, gasoline. The misconception that a 1K clear coat protects is also there is also 1K wrong. There are also big differences in quality between these sprays. About cheap ones Industrial quality to high-quality car paint. In principle, the 1K spray can be stored indefinitely.

A spray can contains a maximum of 25% material!!!, the rest is propellants, binding agents and solvents. So that means, that a 400ml can only contains 100ml of paint. A 500ml can is often advertised as follows: 25% more content. Everyone can calculate for themselves how much pure material that is.
The ideal temperature for spray and sheet metal is 25°. If that's not possible, you can use spray cans Place in approx. 40° warm water. If the humidity is too high, a shiny painted surface can become matt.
Metallic colors must always be coated with clear varnish for protection and shine.